Team Members Not Pictured

  • Dinesh Shereshtha Driver
  • Janina Keller Junior Manager Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Laura Leonardis Junior Manager Academic Relations & Projects
  • Nina Zellweger Junior Manager Academic Relations & Projects


swissnex India
26 Rest House Crescent Road
Bangalore 560 001, INDIA

Leadership Statement

India Balz Strasser CEO

2016 was the year of big ambitions. And big ambitions are often followed by bigger challenges. Challenges that inspire us to reach beyond our goals. From venturing into unexplored avenues such as Spacetech and Fintech to diving deeper into established sectors like Medtech, swissnex India succeeded in connecting some dots, which once seemed unachievable. Among the many partnerships that we established in entrepreneurship, academia, the arts and S&T, our key milestone was facilitating collaboration between the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and its Swiss counterparts through our Space Week in India program. We are eager to see our efforts turn into significant partnerships between Switzerland and India. And we look forward to the challenges in 2017 that will inspire us to aim for further challenging dots to be connected!

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