swissnex Brazil
Rua Cândido Mendes 157 12°andar
Glória, 20241-220
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

Leadership Statement

Brazil Review by Gioia Deucher CEO swissnex Brazil

The youngest member of the swissnex family is starting to grow up and we are looking back on a trajectory of steady transformation into an actor of local and international relevance in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. This is the basis for swissnex Brazil in 2017: we can now play the role of connector, facilitator and expert better than ever. Our strategic focus will lie on consolidating and strengthening existing relations and programs, responding to demands and needs that reach us, yet never cease leaving our comfort zone to reach new horizons. The big geographic leap for 2017 will be the Amazon region. This uniquely rich, diverse and largely inaccessible region shall become an essential element of what swissnex is in the Brazilian context. In this coming year, we plan to shed light on the largely unexploited opportunities for research and innovation in this region, opening channels for collaboration for our Swiss stakeholders.

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